About ABJ

ABJ electric Sp. z o.o. is an electrical company providing comprehensive electrical installation services for every branch of the industry all over the world. ABJ headquarters is located in Bochnia, Poland (30 km east of Cracow, prior capital city of Poland).

ABJ was founded by Artur, Beata and Jacek. First letters of its name allowed it to establish an enterprise operating globally on daily basis. Almost 10 years on the market, it brings to the table working experience from North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia and whole Europe. Our qualified employees successfully handle electrical installation projects of any size and complexity, from small installations to large projects.

We know that every project, even to the most bounded require professionally and reliably made electrical installations. Moreover the accurate and correct technological process depends on many apparatus and devices interacting with each other according to a specific plan. All our work is performed in conditions of the highest sterility and care for the safety and hygiene of the production process.

Our company is able to meet these requirements thanks to a highly qualified personnel.

ABJ realizations display an extensive international business track record of successful international projects, unparalleled cultural adaptability and outside the box solutions in challenging business environments. Our project experience extends to and offers successful project electrical installations.

ABJ partners with manufacturers of different nature from a variety of different business sectors. We treat everybody equally, providing our professional service from small family-owned breweries to the global brands looking for higher revenue all over the world.

Our customers are among the top industrial and commercial globally recognized names. We work in many industries like beer technology, food industry, pharmaceutical, chemistry and automotive

ABJ was founded by Artur Maraj, Beata Żurek, Jacek Rozum,

First construction projects.


First delivery of the service outside the Europe, Zambia, Africa.


Further projects in Africa, Angola, Egypt, Tanzania.


First project in Asia – Sri Lanka.


Company growth 50 employees.


First project in
petrochemistry industry.


First project in Latin America – Chile.


Over 100 people employed on projects.


Project in Columbia – the company’s longest and most valuable project up to date. Over 35,000 manwork hours.


First project in North America – Puerto Rico.

Establishment of the ABJ foundation supporting local youth development in the field of education and sport.


First project in the United States of America – Columbia, SC


Iceland becomes the 50th country where we have made electrical installations.

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ul. Partyzantów 17B, 32-700 Bochnia, Polska