We specialize not only in electrical installations. We also share good energy outside of work.

For years, we have been caring for the community in the place where we come fromand where we work. Therefore, we strongly support local initiatives such as Bochnia Days or the regional Master Mathematician competition. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we also supported the hospital in Bochnia by funding the necessary hygiene measures.

In 2020, we established the ABJ Foundation, whose main approach is to support activities aimed at increasing the level of education and sport. Thanks to the foundation, we build strong relationships and undertake initiatives that have a positive impact on the community
we are part of.

BSF Bochnia

Since 2015, we have been a sponsor of the local Futsal club BSF Bochnia. Thanks to our involvement in the activities of the BSF club, we have the opportunity to help and support young athletes. At BSF we were captivated by the promotion of local players – it is a club’s main approach to build its structure and philosophy on the vast majority of players from Bochnia and suburbs.

We can proudly say that in the entire history of the club, as many as 9 players have been called up to the Polish National Team and have played in international arenas with a white eagle on their chest.

Success in sports and business is no coincidence. That is why we are very happy that BSF Bochnia has got a promotion to the Futsal Ekstraklasa and will compete with the best at the national level in the 2022/23 season. It is worth mentioning that the team did it in an amazing style, winning all 22 games of the season, and scoring 132.

Cooperation with the High School no. 1 in Bochnia

What’s more, since 2020, we have been cooperating with High School no. 1, where we support students in developing their knowledge and skills. We have increased the school’s level by furnishing classrooms and purchasing the required equipment. We also finance additional classes for students. Therefore, the best students in a school specializing in electrician-technician majors can count on scholarships funded by us.

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